Can I use your game assets in a commercial project?
Yes, all of our assets can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects. See the included license file attached to the asset package or visit the asset page for more details.

Do I need to provide attribution to use your game assets?
No, none of our assets require attribution to use. If you would still like to provide credit then you can refer to our work using the name "Zigurous" or "zigurous.com".

Which games engines can I use your assets in?
All of our assets are designed for the Unity game engine; however, you are free to use any of our assets in any game engine if the engine supports them. We cannot offer any help implementing our assets outside of the Unity game engine.

I have an idea for a new asset!
We would love to hear what kind of assets you are interested in using. Tweet us your idea and if there is enough demand we can start working on a new asset package.


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